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Frequently Asked Questions

Residing at La Maison de Tara


What are the admission criteria for the House of Tara?

Admission to La Maison de Tara is possible for people in the terminal phase of a serious progressive illness, whose care is compatible with home care. Certain additional elements are taken into account: absence of serious cognitive impairment, behavioral disorders, psychiatric disorders, drug addiction or contagious infectious disease (among others).


The future resident must know that the care plan is palliative and not curative, and she/he must have health insurance covering the costs of medical and paramedical care delivered in Switzerland.


The support of a loved one for the administrative procedures related to admission, residence and medical care is necessary.


For more complete information, and/or the assessment of a particular situation, do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by telephone at 022 348 86 66.  


All admission requests are subject to an overall assessment by La Maison de Tara, as part of a discussion with the future resident and the doctor (treating doctor or palliative care physician) and/or the nursing home.

Are there priority patients?

No, patients who meet the admission criteria are eligible to come and reside at La Maison de Tara. The admission decision belongs to the Direction of La Maison de Tara, it is taken in conjunction with the candidate resident and his doctor or nursing home.


Is there a permanent doctor or nurse at La Maison de Tara?

Residents are followed by their usual doctor and caregivers from the home care organization. If necessary, a palliative care practitioner from the GGPSP (Geneva Group of Palliative Care Practitioners) may be proposed to reduce or replace medical care. However, La Maison de Tara is not responsible for the medical care of patients.  


The staff of La Maison de Tara also includes qualified nurses and  night health assistant who are present 7 p.m. a day. In the evening, the presence of volunteers is assured.


How much does it cost to stay at La Maison de Tara?

The stay itself (accommodation costs, excluding medical costs) amounts to CHF 80.-/day.

La Maison de Tara has a solidarity fund - on request and assessment - for people who may need it.


Are the costs reimbursed by health insurance?

Medical and paramedical costs are covered by insurance, as at home and they continue to be billed at the resident's home.


Can residents come with their pets?

We do our best to ensure that pets can accompany residents who wish, provided that the animal is clean, vaccinated, socialized and dewormed. The resident remains responsible for the costs related to the pet (food, veterinarian, etc.). Before entering La Maison de Tara, the future care of the pet must be organised.


What about Exit?

Assisted suicide is not accepted at La Maison de Tara. Should a resident wish to make use of Exit, and provided he/she can return home, then La Maison de Tara will provide all necessary assistance in this respect.  


What are the visiting hours?

Visits are accepted day and night.


Become a volunteer


How do you become a volunteer?

Our volunteers have a wide variety of profiles in terms of age, nationality and life experience, and we welcome this diversity. They share an interest in our mission, the desire to serve others, the desire to develop their “life skills” alongside other volunteers and professionals from the house.


Whatever your situation, if our mission interests you, if you have some free time and want to get involved alongside the Maison de Tara, do not hesitate to contact us for an interview:


Please be aware that it is necessary to follow our training to volunteer at La Maison de Tara, although you can start volunteering during your training period (we recommend it!) and that a commitment in duration is requested.

Before deciding to commit, you will visit Tara's House and meet the Director. You will receive all the useful explanations about the training we offer and we will answer all your questions.


When does the next training session start?

The training sessions (in French and English) begin each year at the end of September, after the start of the school year. They follow the school calendar and generally take place once a month. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Support us

How can I help the House of Tara?

You can help us in various ways:


- by making a donation:  


- by committing yourself as a volunteer 

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