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La Maison

La Maison de Tara opened in 2011 thanks to the support of local municipalities - in particular that of Chêne-Bougeries - and some generous donors.


Our vision is that everyone can live an end of life with humanity and dignity. We believe in the importance of training whoever is required to accompany a loved one affected by chronic illness, disability or at the end of life.


We believe in the importance of the group, and in the traditions of accompaniment of end of life amidst the community, just as it used to be until the recent taking over by medicalization.


La Maison de Tara welcomes residents of all ages and nationalities meeting certain criteria .


  All admission requests are subject to an overall assessment by La Maison de Tara, in conjunction with the resident,  their doctor or healthcare institution.


Relatives of our residents are welcome at La Maison de Tara. Invited to get involved in supporting the resident, they benefit from the active support of volunteers and professionals from the house.


Critères admission

Our team

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Nadia Fleury.JPG

Nadia Fleury

Administrative Assistant


Fiona Garnham.JPG

Fiona Garnham 


Agnès Gerard.JPG

Agnes Gerard 
Nurse / Health Coordinator​


Nurse / Health

Myriam Morel.jpg

Myriam Morel 

Nurse / Health

Murielle Sonnerat.jpg

Murielle Sonnerat 
Night Nurse

Chantal Baïkiom.JPG

Chantal Baikiom 
Night  Nurse

Deyse Braga.jpg

Deyse Braga 
Night Nurse

Margarita Bedoya.JPG



Nicolas Crouhennec.jpg

Nicolas Crouhennec

"The staff of La Maison de Tara takes part to the training of the volunteers and supports them in their commitment."

Sabine Murbach



Nicolas Chatillon_edited.jpg

Nicolas Chatillon


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Saverio Lembo_edited.jpg

Saverio Lembo


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Claudia Schmeer

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Romaine Stalder.jpg

Romaine Stalder
Volunteer Representative 2022-2023


Irina Ionita.jpeg

Irina Ionita


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General secretary

Platform of seniors' associations in the canton of Geneva


Sabra Kiguk

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Manfredo Radicati

Volunteer Representative 2021-2022

Volunteer and trainer

Thanks to the historical members of the Board 

Anne-Marie Struijk-Mottu, Founder of La Maison de Tara

Eric Ballard

Claude Bernheim

Catherine Bollondi

Bruno Bonvin

Gilbert Couteau

Daphne Fresle

Catherine Gilbert

France Manghardt

Jean-Claude Manghardt

Erwin Meyer

Vesca Olsommer

Adrien Struijk

Jean Zwahlen

Your support is essential
to us

Témoignage famille 1.jpg

Resident's companion

My companion hardly ate at all,
I really appreciated that we brought him what he liked
that he loved the most... his small expressos, jam, which were his last pleasures.

Témoignage famille 2.jpg

Daughter of a resident

La Maison de Tara has allowed all of us to live the last moments in a more
serene and to have more space.
Each person who came to the room was kind and brought us something beautiful.
Dad even had a few more laughs.
And, importantly, thanks to all of you, he told us that he loved us.

Témoignage famille 3.jpg

Daughter of a resident

A very beautiful memory, the departure of my father
was done with so much respect, listening,
empathy that it helps to make it seem "easier".

Témoignage famille 3.jpg

Daughter of a resident

A very beautiful memory, the departure of my father
was done with so much respect, listening,
empathy that it helps to make it seem "easier".

Families testimonials 

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