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Below you will find some useful links to hospitals and extra-hospitals networks as well as various support associations.

Extra-hospital networks

COSPA Palliative home care consultations


The mobile consultation teams travel throughout the canton of Geneva. They take care of all patients who require specialized palliative care. This care can take place at the HUG, at home, in a nursing home or a private clinic. The home team works in partnership with imad. Its patients have a medical watch that can be reached 24 hours a day.

022 372 33 27

Treating physicians

The attending physician is the first person to turn to if palliative care is needed. Palliative care specialists nevertheless remain available for second-line support.


Geneva Home Care Institution (occupational therapists, dieticians available)


022 420 20 20

Sitex: Home hospitalization service

​Sitex, a home hospitalization service recognized as being of public utility and subsidized by the State of Geneva, brings together a multidisciplinary team.
The home hospital pharmacy and the nursing team  work in coordination 7 days a week around the patient, his relatives and the attending physician. Using the computerized file, the doctor communicates, follows the evolution and prescribes in real time. Nurses forge a link and set up care that integrates the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs with the patient and his entourage and ensures its continuity.
This doctor-pharmacist-nurse partnership allows for great responsiveness and end-of-life support at home, until its end.

0 848 11 00 00

Geneva Group of Palliative Care Practitioners (GGPSP)

The doctors of the Geneva group of palliative care practitioners intervene at home, with the agreement of the treating doctor, at the request of patients, families or professionals (family doctors, specialists, nurses, etc.). Their aim is to allow everyone to choose  to stay at home, with a good quality of life until the end. They are available to their healthcare professional colleagues to assess specific situations, treatments and care. Alternatively they can jointly share palliative care management that exceeds the resources of a single colleague.

022 372 33 27


Nursing cooperative

Nursing care at home 7 days a week

Group of nurses experienced in palliative care
Group of specialist wound care nurses

022 577 68 00

Proximos: Outpatient clinical pharmacy

Proximos is a pharmaceutical home hospitalization service that coordinates with the Geneva network of health partners to enable patients to receive their hospital-type treatments outside the hospital.

They offer:  

  • the aseptic preparation of injectable drugs, the dispensing of usual treatments in palliative care (enteral or parenteral nutrition, hydration, etc.)

  • the provision of care equipment and drug administration systems (eg Patient Controlled Analgesia or PCA system). Proximos collaborates with all partners involved in outpatient care.


During a new treatment, a Proximos pharmacist comes to the patient's home, 7 days a week.

022 420 64 80

Senevita Casa: daily autonomy

Care, monitoring and home assistance service (care, mobilization, dressing, support, meals, walks, household help)

  • Establishment of a continuous service with a stable team, for optimal support of  the clients and their loved ones

  • Experienced, qualified and trained staff in palliative care (A1 training according to “”)

  • Individual services, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

031 960 99 99

Extra-hospital networks

Bellerive Hospital

Bellerive Hospital has 28 beds in 2 units of the palliative medicine department.

Bellerive Hospital has 3 general rehabilitation care units with 55 beds and a neurological rehabilitation unit with 17 beds, for patients requiring neurological rehabilitation.

022 305 71 11

Jolimont Clinic

The Clinic receives patients following treatment for medical and surgical pathologies, particularly orthopedic. It offers multidisciplinary care focused on rehabilitation, integrating the specificities of the elderly person, the physical and psychological symptoms, as well as the medico-social problems of the patients. The objective of the stay is to restore autonomy with a view to returning home in good conditions.

The Clinic also receives patients in palliative care, with the aim of end-of-life support.

022 717 03 11

HUG Oncology Department

Mission of the oncology department

  • Provide diagnostic and therapeutic care to adult patients suffering from cancerous diseases

  • To be the reference service for the HUG which coordinates the care of patients in the field of oncology, taking into account the services offered by other services, in particular the hematology service, the radio- oncology, the clinical pathology department, the radiology and nuclear medicine departments and the surgery departments.

  • Set indications for cancer treatments, assume the prescription and supervision of these treatments in hospital and outpatient settings, and ensure the follow-up of patients treated in this way

  • Also participate in diagnostic strategies through screening for genetic predisposition to cancer and develop monitoring and prevention programs for patients at risk identified in this way

  • Patients can be either hospitalized or ambulatory. In this second case, they are referred to referral consultations by their attending physician.

022 372 98 62

Community geriatric consultation

The community geriatric consultation provides community care for the elderly as an attending physician or in collaboration with the attending physician himself for a short period. It contributes to teaching  dispensed to health professionals and participates in the  research  in community geriatrics.

Extra-hospital networks


Accompany the child when her/his life is turned upside down by death, separation, illness, so as not to leave her/him alone with her/his suffering.

Support the family so that they can be a resource.

These are our goals at As'trame.

022 340 17 37

Association RESILIAM

When a family is affected by serious illness, disability or bereavement, it goes through difficult times. Some of them need to be supported, even occasionally, in their ordeals. There may be feelings of isolation, helplessness.

Resiliam supports these families,  especially children and young people who need to be listened to and reassured.

022 342 31 59

Frederic Fellay Association

The Fréféric Fellay Association – Together against brain tumors  was founded on April 4, 2011 in Chêne-Bourg, Geneva. It has approximately 600 regular members and 400 occasional donors. Its purpose is to support young adults with cancer and medical research on brain tumours.

022 349 56 75

Extra-hospital networks

league against cancer

Do you have cancer or someone close to you has cancer?

In this difficult situation, self-help groups and networks offer you a space in which you will find on the one hand understanding for your problems and, on the other hand, an opportunity to expand your knowledge or pass on your to know.

0800 11 88 11

Otium Center

The OTIUM Center offers care, support and advice to help you live better during and after cancer. Nearly 40 therapies and services accessible under the same roof.

022 566 62 00

Association Entrelacs

ENTRELACS is an association that puts its efforts at the service of people tried by life situations such as illness, bereavement, difficult old age and the end of life, to help them overcome their suffering. Anyone concerned by one of these situations – experienced personally or by a loved one – can contact Entrelacs and find there listening, support and help in order to make the most of these existential crises and find meaning in them. Entrelacs also offers training and seminars to support our mission.  

022 740 04 77

Palliative Geneva

Palliative geneva, founded in 1993 under the name of the Geneva Association of Medicine and Palliative Care, is the Geneva section of palliative ch (Swiss Society of Medicine and Palliative Care). Since March 8, 2012, the AGMSP has become palliative Geneva.

It is made up of health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, pharmacists), spiritual companions, social workers and volunteers. Palliative Geneva benefits from the financial support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva to carry out its mission of promoting palliative care to the public and making known the resources of the Geneva palliative care network.

079 654 01 70  

ESCA Cancer Support

People come to ESCA CancerSupport for many reasons: to deal with the initial shock of their diagnosis, to cope with cancer treatments and their side effects, to process the grief and to deal with children, family, relationship and work issues. Treatment options have greatly improved, and mortality rates have significantly decreased.  This means more people than ever are now living with cancer, working to rehabilitate and reintegrate both socially and professionally. The Tumor Registry in Geneva estimates, by 2030, there will be more than 40,000 people in Geneva living with cancer and more than 600,000 in Switzerland. With your support, we will continue to expand our cancer support network and offer help that is in English and accessible to everyone.

022 723 20 08

Geneva Red Cross

The mission of the Geneva Red Cross is to provide local assistance to people in difficulty living in Geneva. Its action with all vulnerable people, in particular children, young people, families and the elderly, aims above all to promote health and preserve their dignity.

022 304 04 04

Eve la Vie Foundation

Never alone again in the face of mourning.  

The EVE la VIE Foundation offers its tools and makes its time available to children and adults to help them regain mental and physical well-being after the loss of a loved one or an emotional shock.
Come and share your experience without judgment during quality discussion times to understand the process and the work of mourning and thus go through the stages in peace.

079 654 01 70

Proch'info line: a single number informs and directs caregivers

Since November 1, 2017, people who take care, on a non-professional and informal basis, of a loved one who is sick or losing their autonomy, have at their disposal a telephone line informing them and directing them on the assistance services , support and respite available in the canton.

The implementation of the Proch'info single line was made possible thanks to the Advisory Commission for the support of caregivers working at home. The permanence is ensured by the members of this commission.

058 317 70 00  

Extra-hospital networks

Alzheimer Association Geneva

Aims of the association

  • Ensure respect for the dignity of people with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia

  • Commit to improving the quality of life of the people concerned and their loved ones

  • Advise and inform people with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, relatives and caregivers

  • Guide the people concerned or their entourage in the Geneva socio-health network

  • Support and accompany the people concerned and their loved ones

022 723 23 33

Support for Seniors Foundation

The Fondation Appuis Aux Aînés grants one-off personalized financial assistance and advice.

The Fondation Appuis Aux Aînés helps people who receive an AVS pension, domiciled in the canton of Geneva, who find themselves in a situation of social and financial need.

It also works for residents in nursing homes.

Each request is studied with care and in complete confidentiality.

The Fondation Appuis Aux Aînés is a private, non-profit, politically and religiously neutral Geneva foundation.

079 890 96 31

ProSenectute Geneva

The Association offers advice, financial aid, assistance to caregivers, day care centers as well as sports and cultural activities:

  • A social consultation for the 60+

  • Day care in homes

  • Support for relatives of people with cognitive impairment

  • Sport and socio-cultural activities

022 807 05 65


Founded in 1949, the AVIVO had given itself the central objective of defending the elderly, invalids, widows and orphans.

Since then, while remaining faithful to its founding principles, AVIVO has fought countless battles, not only to guarantee better living conditions through social insurance, AVS/AI in particular, but also to promote a fairer and more united.

AVIVO also provides various services to its members: a  social office , a service  trips  and  leisure activities , as well as assistance in filling out and verifying tax declarations. Not forgetting his  “Espaces” newspaper , a liaison and information organ highly appreciated by all.

022 329 13 60

Platform of Geneva senior associations


  • Promote exchanges and meetings between member associations and with the Geneva network.

  • Collaborate and pool their respective strengths.

  • Promote and coordinate actions and support projects in the interest of the elderly.

  • Be a body of representation and consultation with authorities and institutions.

022 840 49 99

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