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A documentary on La Maison de Tara will be released in 2024

Beatrice and Nasser Bakhti founded the independent production company "Troubadour Films" in London in 1991. Based in Geneva since 1993, Beatrice and Nasser develop and produce films with an original insight into what goes on around us.

«For us, each projet is a new rewarding and thrilling adventure!»

L'intention des réalisateurs

This documentary film is an immersion during a year at the Maison de Tara. Filming the daily life of this unique place in Switzerland, and translating the moments of exchange experienced into an intimate visual and sound exploration, low key and without taboos, to try to understand the challenges raised by the end of life and the fundamental values that are defended at Tara.

"We will show the gestures, the looks, the silences, the listening, the sharing, the confidences and the interactions between the residents, their families, theirs friends and the volunteers, as well as all the Tara staff who surround him. With this project, we are committed to accompanying the journey of endearing people who work with kindness to restore dignity to the human being in the face of death, in life. The volunteers are there to provide the care that the residents need, not to cure them, but to relieve their pain, ensure their comfort and soothe their anxieties. Words to love and forgive, words to understand and accept, words to resist and sometimes cry. Words to laugh too, like a finger raised against the injustice of fate. Words to live the time that remains, and its turmoil."

Béatrice et Nasser Bakhti

Filming starts on June 2, 2022, during the Maison de Tara's 10th anniversary party. The film will cover the 4 seasons and will be released in cinema in spring 2024.

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