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The House of Tara on RTS, in 36,9

Broadcast of June 6, 2018: Broadcast of 36.9° of June 6, 2018 devoted in part to the House of Tara. English Subtitled.

Dying like at home

Are you like the 80% of the population? If you had to choose where to die, you'd like to be at home. Yet only a minority of people are able to do so. La Maison de Tara, located in Geneva, offers a new model of end-of-life care inspired by the Dutch hospice model.

"When we walk through the door of La Maison de Tara, we leave behind our lives and get into the essence of things. There is no tomorrow. Here, we are at the service of life at every moment until it leaves," says volunteer Sandrine.

Since 2011, this home offers an alternative to hospitalization for people at the end of life who wish to live this key moment in a non-medical environment and surrounded by attention as at home. Day and night care is provided by trained staff and volunteers to ensure the comfort and safety of patients. Residents continue to be monitored by their physician and caregivers from home care agencies. This project was made possible by the work and determination of Anne-Marie Struijk-Mottu, an exceptional woman.

This reportage, realized with great finesse and sensitivity, sheds light on the spirit of La Maison de Tara through many powerful encounters. Starting with Françoise, a cancer patient, who has chosen to stop her treatment to join her husband whom she recently lost. We also meet the doctors, the hospital staff and the volunteers, including Chris. This young girl did her mature work on Tara's House. She worked there as a volunteer for a year and still comes from time to time to help. She tells us how we can support people without speaking... a silent presence, committed, like her.

A report by Fabienne Clément


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